Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ohhhh... our Hood inductions....

I am the newest hood member, though it has now been 3years. A course I was taking at the time required that I research different publishing houses that would fit the genre I wanted to write for: romance. Not being a Harlequin fan, but not limiting myself, I visited the Harlequin web site and explored for a bit. (Totally forgot what it was I was supposed to be doing.) And lo, what should appear out of the fog but the Round Robin. I thought what heck, why not? Why not??? Because I had only 2hours to deadline to write for a line I had no "experience" with (dangling it showing?) Ah, what the heck, what's it gonna hurt? So I subbed the 3rd Chapter and three days later got an email stating that I had won the RR for that chapter. Woo-hooo!!!! was an understatement.

I told my mom, who after it was published, went to the website and found the forums and relayed what was being said back to me. I read all the positive comments and then learned who it was who wrote them: the Hood. Though we weren't the hood just yet, that was coming.
With the support of my fellow Hoodlums, I have finished a wip which is now a manuscript, subbed it, got it rejected and lost it. (Not for good, have simply moved a gazillion times in the past two years. Well maybe 996bazillion short of gazillion.)

Anywho, have a 5book series started right now for the young adult genre. Each of first four books dedicated to each of my children, and all of the books dedicated to my kids, my dh, and the Hood.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Ah, sunshine, that brought tears to my eyes!!! This blog is a natural progression for us. I remember how IMPRESSED I was with your winning chapter. And I am even more IMPRESSED with your BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT!!! Good luck with that series. :D

Hugs, JJ

Donna Michaels said...

Hi Darcien,

I can remember reading your winning entry too, and thinking how perfect it was for the ongoing RR.

You are a woman of many talents and I just know your 5 book YA series is the right one for you. I can't wait to celeberate when they're contracted!!!

Way cool that 4 are based on each of your children. :)

~Donna Michaels