Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taking control of My Life

Step by step, and sometimes they are baby steps, I am taking control of my very cluttered life.
It isn't so much physical clutter surrounding me as it is mental clutter and cyber clutter.
I have several old blogs because each time I wanted to blog, I had forgotten my previous user name and password.

I'm sure I am not the only one who is too impatient to wait for username and password retrieval.
It always seemed faster to just make a new one and let my friends know.

Now though I am setting myself up for a more professional image. People visiting one or more of my blogs may also be visiting web sites I have under construction.
I am a writer, photographer, and artist. I have heard that the artistic temperment tends toward chaos. In my case that is true, but I have spent my life learning to keep that chaos to myself and present an organized exterior.

Today is my line in the sand. I am getting organized again. I am making lists and "taking" names. My names. All my names. Usernames.

I will be accountable here on a weekly basis.



Darcien Balog said...

Woo-hoo!!! It feels so good.

Marilyn Puett said...

I've had to take a little notebook and write down all the usernames and passwords. Wouldn't the world be great if everything could operate on a master username and password? It would be so much easier on my memory. ::grin::

Lee Morrison said...

Memory? What memory? Did someone say memory?