Thursday, September 18, 2008

97 Days til Christmas

Can you believe it?

Autumn shows signs of approaching. Our daytime temps here in Alabama are only in the low 80's and the nights are downright cool. I'm sure summer will rear it's head again before it gives up the fight and autumn takes full control.

I like autumn -- the crisp air, beautiful leaves, clear starry nights, football, Halloween. And then before we know it, winter will arrive and we'll be wishing for the heat of summer again. We don't have extremely cold winters in the Tennessee Valley, but usually once during the season, Mother Nature will slam us for a week or so with bitter temps. We're way overdue for a big snow; the last one I can remember was about twelve or thirteen years ago.

Of course, a big snow would cripple this town. Heck, a small snow cripples it. All the forecasters have to do is predict snow and the grocery shelves become devoid of milk and bread. There's a joke that if you spill a tray of ice cubes on your kitchen floor, the school superintendant will cancel school.

The problem is this: we don't have road equipment to deal with snow and ice. About the best they can do is put down salt and/or sand. It makes no sense to spend tax dollars on equipment that gets little use. Kind of a Catch-22, huh?

<----- This is an Alabama snow (and my granddaughter). Pretty anemic, isn't it? The snow, not my granddaughter.

One good thing about the end of summer is that life begins to slow down for me. The DH and I have an empty nest and we've taken full advantage of it. We have a trailer at a campground about 90 miles from here and go there almost every weekend from April through October. It's relaxing and a nice change of pace. But I seem to get less writing done because about 3 days of my week are spent either there or in transit. Then I spend the other 4 catching up and getting ready to go again. I take the laptop with me, but tend to get little done because the pool is more attractive than sitting inside at the computer.

I need to get cracking, though, if I'm going to meet my goal of selling a dozen stories this year. I've sold 8 so far. I have 3 stories in the pipeline, but one's been there for almost two years. I'm afraid to ask about it for fear they'll reject it. As long as I don't get a rejection letter, I figure a story has hope of being contracted.

So I need to dig into my idea file and submit a couple more before year's end. I have a couple good ideas: a woman who donates her eggs to pay for college, a couple who learn their unborn child has a rare genetic disease that will cause the child to die shortly after birth if it doesn't die in utero first, a woman who learns after her husband has a stroke that he's been philandering and abusing drugs and alcohol. I need to come up with some stories that are more romantic, though, because I much prefer a happy ending.

And look what my writing buddies at the Writing Playground gave me to celebrate my 25th sale. The charm is engraved with "25 Trues Sales" and was a very nice surprise. The little charm in the middle is a teeter-totter to represent the Playground. One of the Playfriends found them in a shop in San Francisco.
So what's the weather like where you live? If you're a writer, what are you working on? If you're a reader, what good books have you read lately? I just started Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves today. It looks to be a fun read.


Mischievous Anne said...

You totally ROCK, Marilyn!
Wow! 25 stories sold! That's awesome!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Marilyn, your charm bracelet is precious and lovely. :D

WOOT for 8 sales this year. I have my fingers crossed you bring the rest of the babies home.

I looove seeing photos of your granddaughter. :D You should enter a lovely picture in the contest at

I am beginning to read the book, FIREBIRD, by Janice Graham. Have you read her work?

My writing has taken a nap while I take my photography class but I hope to finish up edits on my humorous women's fiction ms.

All of your premises are fantastic!!!

Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, I had no idea it was so many already. Way to go!!!

kathi h