Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Marilyn, of course you have our prayers and crossed fingers for your mom... and for you.

This is a crazy season this year. I love the map you inserted. How does that work?

I didn't do any writing today. I was in a strange mood that called for doing laundry and running errands even though I had cleared the day to write. I can see where a clean house could be a sign of major procrastination from writing!

I am having a yard sale this weekend with a few neighbors. I really have bit off more than I can fit on A PLATE( how's that for a weird metaphore?)

Anyway; what do you all think of selling stuff at yard sales versus just donating it?

Also, If you went to a yard sale and they had a sailboat, a large doughboy swimming pool, and a full size ski boat and trailer, would you drive on by, or would you stop to see what other strange things they had?

kathi h ... bringing the strange to life.!

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Marilyn Puett said...

I use the National Hurricane Center's website for tracking hurricanes. You can find it here. They update several times a day to keep the maps current.

Looks like Hanna is going to by-pass my family, but Ike is right behind and already a category 4 storm. Yikes!