Tuesday, September 2, 2008

memories are made of this....

memories are made of this....
da da dum dum...
there's a song that starts that way. Maybe it was Perry Como. Now I am really showing my age, although I will insert here that I was a child then and I still like his voice.

I put all of my user names and passwords...... yes I have many so if someone cracks one they won't have them all, and I change them frequently....into a password protected document on my flash drive written in word pad so I can find them when I need them.

For those who are new, I went through a bad spell for a couple years. I had a lot of close family and friend deaths and my own health wasn't good. Medication further fogged my mind and limited the time I could write COHERENTLY!

Things are better and that is why I am attempting to renew blogs and websites so I can be in touch with my cyber pals.

Today was the coldest high that Denver has ever had for this date. the previous record was in 1932. officially today it was 64. but out here in the hills where I live it never got above 50. After a relentlessly hot dry summer, it was a shock to the system to see my breath when I stepped out the door.

I am going to here state my goal for this month;
By the end of September... let's give it a date... September 30... I will have two manuscripts that have been requested on someone's desk other than my own. in order to do that, since one of those deskes is in Canada, I must actually mail them around September 20. I have 18 days.

So 18 days and counting. wrote 1000 words today. will do more tomorrow. now I have this to embarrass myself if I slack off.

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Marilyn Puett said...

Accountability is a powerful motivator.

cracks her whip

Get writing!

Of course, I should be doing the same.