Monday, October 20, 2008

2386 / 5000

I had to run an errand and took my AlphaSmart to Books-a-Million to write. Armed with my outline and a grande latte, I wrote for about two hours and added quite a bit -- 5 1/2 pages (1686 words).

I'm determined to finish this short story and send it to the Trues before November 1st.

I also joined a new club over the weekend -- the FTDB* club.

* Finish the Damn Book

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm starting a new WIP today, based around some blogs I've been reading lately. I want to submit at least one new story before I begin National Novel Writing Month in November.

Here's my progress so far.

What's One Extra Among Friends
0 / 5000

Write, Marilyn, write!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ah, Autumn!

Autumn is a great time for reflection and a time to set new goals. The summer whizzed by and I was caught up with my photography, leaving my ms to gather dust while awaiting edits. In a way it's good the story has had down time because I'll read it now with new eyes and see where my mistakes are with more clarity.

It's funny how you get caught up with writing fiction and a mistake could bite you on the nose and you wouldn't see it. The mind reads what it wants to see. Sometimes it takes a second and third reading to catch all the errors. I hope my menopausal condition isn't playing with me. :D

My goal is to have my edits done by December on my ms entitled SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE and to start the submission process by the first of the year. I'm not happy with that title but it's the theme that runs through my ms and it kept me focused on the plotting every time I thought of it.

What are you working on? How is it going?

Hugs, JJ/aka Nancy

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Worthy Day

It is an incredibly beautiful Colorado day here and I am indoors writing.
I managed 10,000 words yesterday. I don't know if that was a personal record, because I don't keep track, but it was a long day. I even forgot to eat... and I like to eat!

This manuscript I am working on is flowing so well it's a bit scary. I keep wondering if when I start the next chapter I am going to come up empty.

Writers mostly call themselves planners or pantsers meaning we either plan and outline and do character cards, determine GMC and what ever.
While a pants-er... why can't I get that right/... writes by the seat of her pants... probably slky and from Fredricks.

Anyway. I have characters who have been talking to me for a couple years about their story ( shhh don't tell my shrink!) and at last I put aside the manuscript I have been plugging away at and let loose. Well, I gotta tell ya. I may not have known the details of their story, but they sure did. There was a surprise around every corner.

I love when that happens. I have trouble going to sleep at night because I want to write just one more chapter to get my heroine out of danger... if I can!

Now, back to the book!

kathi h

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hellooooooooooo Baby

One of my good friends threw a 50th birthday party for her mother last night, and the party had a 50's sock hop theme. She had the cutest cake that was decorated like 45 rpm records. We had burgers to eat, Coke in the little bottles and ice cream to make floats. She also had an assortment of 50's type candy including those little wax bottles with sweet syrup in them as well as pixie sticks and fireballs. Boy did those bring back memories.

She had loaded her iPod with 50's music and played it through a miniature jukebox. She even had bought a carhop costume, complete with roller skates.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we danced and we had a hula hoop contest (which I won by the way and I'm not sure how because I haven't played with a hula hoop since probably the 50's). I'd show the photo from the hula hoop contest, but it was taken from the rear and well... my rear isn't as small as it used to be. LOL!

And we also had our pictures taken. So here's the DH and I dressed in our biker gear.

We roared in on the DH's Harley and all I could think of was the Fonz. Aaaaaay! You can't see, but my jeans were rolled up to mid-calf and I had on white bobby socks and white sneakers. Notice the class ring on a chain around my neck? The DH and I are going steady. ;-)

Theme parties are fun. Have you been to one lately?

A Quiet Place

Is there a quiet place in your life?I am having work done on the kitchen wall. It involved removing an old odd wall and studding and putting up dry wall, plastering and sanding. Four days and counting. Okay, so they were partial days except for the first one, but were the four days I had cleared the calendar to write and finish projects.

When I got the call that the carpenter had a cancellation and could begin work several weeks early, I was at once happy and disturbed. I have lung problems and there would be dust. Lots of dust. I would have to be the person here, because my husband would be at work.And, darn it, I wanted to write.I decided that this might be a test from the universe ( bear with me here) about my commitment to writing. Whether it is or not, I found out this;I am committed. I got a lot more done than I expected. I was so excited that the work was going on on the level below me that I focused more on my writing.I found that I felt like someone was looking over my shoulder, of course it was me, and I wanted to please myself for a change by doing what I love, writing.

I wasn't answering to anyone for these few days, because I had to be at the house; no quick trips to help friends or long chats on the phone. I was in a room that had no phone and I kept the cordless downstairs and turned off. Plus it was too noisy to talk on teh phone, but not too noisy to write!Another discovery is that I don't have to run to a cabin in the moountains to find solitude, at least not if I am willing to put up with the sounds of construction. Once I started story-telling, the writing flowed and my brain shut out all of the extraneous sounds.

I had scheduled this time to write knowing my honey would interrupt me and that life would pull me out of my zone from time to time.Instead, my honey went bowling or riding or what ever, because he couldn't help with the kitchen, and there was no room for him to sit in my little nook.I was in a comfortable chair being stored in an unused bedroom and had a window for good light and a sense of hiding out in a tree house! The room is in the upper level of our home. It is cluttered and looks like my attic would look if I had one.

The most powerful discovery was that I could pull away from family and friends without them being angry and with me feeling relief instead of guilt for not doing the important things first. I couldn't work in the kitchen so we ate take out. I might not have done that if the work wasn't being done.I didn't have to do dishes, grocery shopping, laundry or cleaning, because, well, I couldn't.WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!

I think I have learned from this experience to give myself the gift of several days vacation at home. It is okay to have take out four days in a row. It is okay to be the guest in my own home and let others do what they think is important. It is okay to be out of reach of friends and family, and it is oaky if they don't understand. Who ever said you have to be understood all the time.I have freed my inner woman of mystery. I don't have to explain to anyone when I need time away from the ordinary. It is okay to feed my soul and let someone else feed my body.And it is not just okay but necessary to find solitude where ever you are.

hugs, kathi h

Thursday, October 2, 2008

marilyn na-noo- na-noo

or what ever. I always have trouble remembering that acronym.
I have known you ever since you first began that book and it is a great story idea.
I say just add 50 to that and don't start another.
I have had, as you know, several opportunies offered and I want to finish one before I begin another, but the newest story has haunted me for several years and now that someone is interested in it, I find I REALLY can't put the necessary excitement into the others.
So I made the decision to let the newest one flow until it wants or needs a break then work on the others.

to be frank, I want you to do it my way because i really want to read the story!!!!!!

So write it, Please???????
a toast to your future completed story!

kathi h