Thursday, October 2, 2008

marilyn na-noo- na-noo

or what ever. I always have trouble remembering that acronym.
I have known you ever since you first began that book and it is a great story idea.
I say just add 50 to that and don't start another.
I have had, as you know, several opportunies offered and I want to finish one before I begin another, but the newest story has haunted me for several years and now that someone is interested in it, I find I REALLY can't put the necessary excitement into the others.
So I made the decision to let the newest one flow until it wants or needs a break then work on the others.

to be frank, I want you to do it my way because i really want to read the story!!!!!!

So write it, Please???????
a toast to your future completed story!

kathi h

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