Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Worthy Day

It is an incredibly beautiful Colorado day here and I am indoors writing.
I managed 10,000 words yesterday. I don't know if that was a personal record, because I don't keep track, but it was a long day. I even forgot to eat... and I like to eat!

This manuscript I am working on is flowing so well it's a bit scary. I keep wondering if when I start the next chapter I am going to come up empty.

Writers mostly call themselves planners or pantsers meaning we either plan and outline and do character cards, determine GMC and what ever.
While a pants-er... why can't I get that right/... writes by the seat of her pants... probably slky and from Fredricks.

Anyway. I have characters who have been talking to me for a couple years about their story ( shhh don't tell my shrink!) and at last I put aside the manuscript I have been plugging away at and let loose. Well, I gotta tell ya. I may not have known the details of their story, but they sure did. There was a surprise around every corner.

I love when that happens. I have trouble going to sleep at night because I want to write just one more chapter to get my heroine out of danger... if I can!

Now, back to the book!

kathi h


Marilyn Puett said...

Would you tell your characters to talk to my characters and tell them to talk to me???

Anonymous said...

Of course I WILL. lol
I had a little heart to heart with my characers just for you.

they said that according to your characters; your characters are feeling left out. You let them out for a little bit and then you just slam teh door!

wy, matilyn, I would think as a good southern gal you would see them to the door and then say, "thank-i love you-bye bye!"

kathi h