Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays, dear friends!!!

The holiday season is whisking by. Did we already have Thanksgiving? I wish everyone a productive New Year and may ALL your dreams come true.

I am playing around with my photo editor. :D Outside has turned into a winter playground. Time for fun. :D

Hugs, Nancy


KATHI h said...

I love the card. Is that one of your photos?

Very nice.

I am one of those nuts who love all the seasons including winter. When I moved into my first home away from my parents, my grandmother and I began a tradition that continued for decades and even lasted when she went into a nursing home. When the first snow began to fall we would race to call each other. I figure that in the end we had about the same success. She even called me at the store I managed. The girls who worked for me thought it was fun and participated one year almost by accident.
Shelly had taken our trash out to the compactor behind the mall and noticed it was beginning to snow. She raced inside to tell me so I could make the call only to be delayed because she was nearest when the phone rang. Instead of answering with the store name and her own, she shouted," It's snowing!"
You guessed it. It was Grama. Shelly had told her before she could get the words out so we were never sure who won that year. I said I should as shelly worked for me. Gram said she should because she had dialed first! I let her have it in her win column just because it made a cute story.

Gram lived to be in her mid nineties and to this day when the snow begins to fall, I look to the heavens and say softly, "Hey, Gram, it's snowing."
I think she hears me and smiles.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Kathi, your grandmother post should be published. I looooved it!!!

Yes, that's one of my photos. :D I'm loving the artistic side of playing with a photo editor. :D

Hugs, Nancy

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

And thank you!!!

Hugs, Nancy

IAMnjh said...

Hey NancyL
FOUND you THIS time, but not sure if I will find that path to it again to see what you write.. ha ha...this is all new to me..this blogging thing. I get lost...

Love your photo and the enhancements you used. Such a soft touch! njh

Happy Day to you as the Sun shines and warms all our hearts with PEACE every single day! no matter the weather! It is still there!

IAMnjh said...

HI NancyL
Found you here this time, not sure I will find my way again..I often get lost in the tree paths of the forest...
Blogging is new to me. sO have PatiEnce.
Love your bird photo, and recognized it right away. You KNow that is a WinnEr... and should have a great big award under it...!
I like Kathi's story, and brings memories to mind from my own life. I love it when that happens.
Catch you later, when you come in from out in that brrrrr cold snow trying to find the buz of a bee hangin around to chase you in. There will be a big pot of homemade pea soup waitin fer ya...
hugs, njh