Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Giant Step

Today is the annivesary of the first man walking on the moon. I can never forget how excited I was. I wanted to be there or on olater misssions so very much but had physical considerations that negated that. My heart was there. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I had a tape recorder going ( the old reel type) and took a picture of my black and white TV screen.
I had ties to future moon missions and our town was the only one during those days that had two moon mission astronauts. As such we were awarded the first Space and science center where you could sit in an Apollo module and later ride in a simulator. There was a moon rock... something I coveted for my own rock collection. And to me the coolest thing, my family knew both of those astronauts. James McDevitt and Al Worden. Al had been my baby sitter back in the days when our parents played pinochle together.
Later 21 astronauts were to come from Michigan, but those first two from the Apollo missions to the moon were the ones that truly inspired me.
Now, we have recently seen the launch of the last (at least for now) Shuttle mission and for see future moon travel leading up to a Mars walk. Wow! Wish I could go. And today July 21st the shuttle returned safely for the last time.
One giant leap indeed!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

AKA Victoria Fredrix

I am working on a contemporary gothic erotic novel. It is a book that has been haunting me for many years, but fits in such a narrow slot I didn't think it would ever have a home. Now I have a request for the full story and it is coming together nicely.

I love when a story almost writes itself. The characters are vivid and have personality quirks that make them real. The story begins with a blizzard in the Colorado mountains and goes to the edge of comfort and morality.

As I said, it has huanted me for several years. I had a dream about being in a huge mansion in the mountains and I was sure I knew where I was and knew how to get where I needed to be, yet there were stairways and elevators and weird passages that twisted and turned and led me deeper. When I awakened I thought about what a great movie it would be if I added a plot. Well, within a few days the whole story was right at my fingertips.

This is my break from writing this lovely morning. I have my charcters with many problems and conflicts and a ghostly scream and tantalising pipe smoke where it shouldn't be. I must rush back and see if they have made any progress and if so, what more can I throw at them.. .

wishing you a beautiful day

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the Saddle

We have Marilyn to thank for the new look! ...and for helping me get back in the hood.
My brother says I have exponetial-multiple personality disorder. I have a lot of online pages and presense because I keep forgtting who I am! Username that is.

I have been judging a lot of writing contests lately and I noticed something.

There is writing and then there is WRITING.

I have discovered that by judging writing contests I become a better writer. It also helps get my chair-sitting aparatus ( butt) in gear when I am procrastinating. I read entries that I wish I had written, but think... well, mine are as good. Then I read some that aren't even close to publishable and think... why am I waiting?

if people who realy are not ready are taking the time and courage to put their work out there, then why do I hold back I am analyzing this while I heal my foot and will share my observations.

Happy tails.. oops... Happy TALES to all.

kathi h

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Extreme Hood Makeover!

Surprise! We redecorated!

Kathi suggested we revive the blog while she's recuperating from a foot mishap.

I just got home from vacation and am playing catch-up. I do have to meet with a client this afternoon. I do some freelance editing work and took a 145 page document on vacation with me since it's going to mean close to $100 in my pocket. The two hour delay in the airport yesterday was a blessing in one way because I got a LOT edited during that time.

As for my own writing... I'm not writing at the moment. It's not from lack of desire to write. It's because my brain just won't let it happen. I get an idea, I sit down to write and *poof*! I go blank.

Why, you ask? Since I posted last I've gone through a bitter divorce. It's hard to write about "happily ever after" when your own world has been turned upside down. And in addition to that, the magazine short story market I wrote for has all but dried up. Only two magazines remain out of the eight that were published when I started writing for them.

I wrote down a list of goals in January, and when I look at them now I have to laugh. What was I thinking????? The only one I've achieved is "Write two personal experience talks for the divorce recovery group." Oh yeah, I am now a facilitator for a divorce and grief recovery group. I benefitted so much from the group as a participant, so I decided to give back and become a facilitator. I still get a lot of healing from helping others work their way through the stages of grief. I'm not through them all yet, but I'm getting there.

My therapist (yeah, I know, who admits in public that they see a therapist?) says I'm too hard on myself and two years really isn't an unreasonable creative drought period considering all I went through. But that doesn't make it less frustrating. She tells me to cut myself some slack. She says I need to be kinder to myself.

So I'm going to take Reiki training, hopefully later this month, and learn to use Reiki on myself and anyone else who might benefit. I've had some Reiki sessions with a friend from church, who is a Reiki master, and they were magnificent! I'm trying not to get my hopes too high. But I'm optimistic this will be a great thing for my life.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!