Sunday, July 10, 2011

AKA Victoria Fredrix

I am working on a contemporary gothic erotic novel. It is a book that has been haunting me for many years, but fits in such a narrow slot I didn't think it would ever have a home. Now I have a request for the full story and it is coming together nicely.

I love when a story almost writes itself. The characters are vivid and have personality quirks that make them real. The story begins with a blizzard in the Colorado mountains and goes to the edge of comfort and morality.

As I said, it has huanted me for several years. I had a dream about being in a huge mansion in the mountains and I was sure I knew where I was and knew how to get where I needed to be, yet there were stairways and elevators and weird passages that twisted and turned and led me deeper. When I awakened I thought about what a great movie it would be if I added a plot. Well, within a few days the whole story was right at my fingertips.

This is my break from writing this lovely morning. I have my charcters with many problems and conflicts and a ghostly scream and tantalising pipe smoke where it shouldn't be. I must rush back and see if they have made any progress and if so, what more can I throw at them.. .

wishing you a beautiful day


Marilyn Puett said...

Great to hear you're writing and it's going so well. I've been in such a "creative silence" for so long. It's so frustrating. I'm contempemplating taking a Margie Lawson workshop on the 23rd, hoping it might jumpstart the creativity. Also there's a free workshop on the RWA site this week about how to take a kernal of an idea and develop it. I can certainly use that. I have lots of kernals.

kathi h said...

margie is great! I find taking a class kicks the part of my anatomy that gets stuck.