Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the Saddle

We have Marilyn to thank for the new look! ...and for helping me get back in the hood.
My brother says I have exponetial-multiple personality disorder. I have a lot of online pages and presense because I keep forgtting who I am! Username that is.

I have been judging a lot of writing contests lately and I noticed something.

There is writing and then there is WRITING.

I have discovered that by judging writing contests I become a better writer. It also helps get my chair-sitting aparatus ( butt) in gear when I am procrastinating. I read entries that I wish I had written, but think... well, mine are as good. Then I read some that aren't even close to publishable and think... why am I waiting?

if people who realy are not ready are taking the time and courage to put their work out there, then why do I hold back I am analyzing this while I heal my foot and will share my observations.

Happy tails.. oops... Happy TALES to all.

kathi h

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